Monday, July 04, 2005

Day 1- Durban

The beginning of a new journey- if the rest of the story is as exciting as the opening chapter then I’m going to be ecstatic! The plan was to leave Durban at 5am (hehe) and head straight for the border and Moz.
In true road trip custom, we left a mere 5 hours after deadline- 10am saw us hit the road on the ‘journey of a lifetime!’ 2 Accountants, a doctor, engineer and politics/film studies student, all crammed into a Rav4 with a big tent and two cooler bags of meat..
We stopped in Richards Bay to do our grocery shopping (last minute- again, in true road trip tradition!) We were naïve to think that shopping for groceries is a swift process, but we ended up having an adventure in the supermarket itself!
So after shopping and lunch we once again hit the road- made it to the border just 5 minutes before closing! Entered Moz from the Kosi Bay border on the east coast. The SA side was a pleasant face brick building with police and soldiers in splendid uniform and the bright and snazzy SA flag flapping in the wind! The Moz border, literally 5 meters away, consisted of a converted container and a rickety prefab office and the border personnel were dressed in dreary, old uniforms… Such a world of variation in only a few feet! What I found most amazing was the language- a line drawn on the map by some foreigner (I presume..) means a change in language and culture?!
Well, the disparities didn’t end there- the tar road stops 10 meters into Moz- the rest is dirt road; nay, not dirt road- dirt track! A 10km drive from the border to Ponto Douro takes almost an hour! Got to the camp site just as the sun set- managed to find a camping spot overlooking the beach and pitched tent.
Jealousy makes people nasty- the curses of those covetous souls came true and the rain came pouring down! Wet, cold, windy, trying to start a fire to braai meat for supper- we had enough of camping within the first hour! Somehow managed to eat and get into dry clothes- then came the real challenge; trying to sleep with 4 other guys in a tent! Well, the good news is that things can only get better from here:) No regrets, yuhoo! Lying in a sleeping bag and listening to the waves crashing on the beach just a few metres away- tomorrow morning we going to rock that beach!


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