Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Day 2- Ponto Douro

Couldn’t sleep- the floor of the tent was too hard and my sleeping bag didn’t provide enough cushioning! Woke Eb up and took a walk on the beach at about 3am! We met two security guards enjoying a raging bon fire on the beach- tried to have a discussion with them but the language barrier proved too tough to crack! However, and we discussed this later, what could we tell those guys anyways? I mean, they work so hard just to survive- what do they care about seeking the Truth or the existence of a Greater Being! As the saying goes, ‘You can’t teach man faith on an empty stomach!’
The weather turned out to be really great- we started our scuba diving course and did a bit of snorkelling- the water is so clean and clear; vision was really good underwater! Spent the day bumming on the beach- it seems like our lives are revolving around food! We had breakfast and then started preparing lunch, finished lunch and soon after we getting the fire ready for supper:) The bread in this place is awesome: you get it fresh and hot from the small bakery just down the road in the quaint market- probably the best bread I’ve ever tasted! Had a scrumptious braai and ended the evening of with a bon fire on the beach: had a good discussion on the disparities we have noticed since reaching this country- everyone is so poor, yet so content... They work so hard, yet have so little… Anyways, off to try and sleep- hope that tonight works out better!


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