Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Day 3- Ponto Douro

This weather is weird- woke up and it was pouring, 2 hours later the sun is blazing and the heat is sweltering! Did our first pool dive- not that difficult to scuba in a pool; the only challenge of the whole exercise is to get comfortable breathing through that whole apparatus. Had lunch and we then headed for our first open water dive in the ocean! On the boat, heading for the reefs that we were going to dive at, came across a school of dolphins! Really neat- people normally pay big money for dolphin viewing tours and here we just do it by the way!
Scuba diving should be compulsory for everyone! It opens up a whole new world… Just like in the movies, you launch of the boat by falling backwards off the side of the boat. It’s like swimming in a big fish tank- school of colourful reef fish just swimming all around you! We did a 12 metre dive- bit scary at first coz you not used to the feeling of pressure building up in your ears. But honestly, if you haven’t scuba dived, I can safely say that you really missing out on an astonishing experience. Our instructor was super cool- we did none of the exercises, just enjoyed the exhilarating occasion of our first dive… Saw a huge sea turtle and even got to hold it- the colours of the fish are marvellous- all shades and sizes…
There was a guy spear fishing and he caught these two huge fish that would’ve have been swell on our braai!


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