Thursday, July 07, 2005

Day 4- Ponto Douro

The lady camping next door asked how we managed in the fierce storm last night- we asked, “What storm!” Somehow managed to sleep through some sort of cyclone! The tents of other campers got flooded and blown away- we were totally oblivious to the chaos that was going on around us!
Went on our second sea dive- did all the emergency exercises and then enjoyed the dive... Didn’t get to see dolphins again but did find the turtle! I am totally blown away by the magnificence of the world down there!
Two Moroccan guys pitched tent next door- Interesting okes- one guy plays professional basketball in Belgium! They drove to Kosi Bay border from Joburg, parked their car at the border and hitched a lift to Ponto…
Managed to find some shelter for our braai- luckily so as it was pouring! But once we were done the sky had cleared up and their was not a cloud in the sky- made a bon fire on the beach and lay there gazing at the stars- the entire sky was lit up and I have never seen so many stars before- no artificial lighting for miles, you could actually see the constellations… (or at least that’s what the other said!)


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