Friday, July 08, 2005

Day 5- Maputo

Last morning waking up in a tent- just as we getting used to sleeping on a hard surface and in such close proximity to so many others! Went on our last scuba dive- definitely won’t be long before I do it again. Hope to plan a scuba adventure of an upcoming long weekend soon! Went for our last swim in the Point of Gold- that’s what Ponto Douro means in English. It really is a piece of heaven- the water is crystal clear and comfortably warm for the middle of winter. Think it would be an excellent investment to buy land in that place.
Packed up our 4x4 and hit the road for Maputo. It’s a 120km journey but takes 5 hours- there is no road, you just drive through the bush on a hectic dirt track! It was fun driving, but as a passenger it was flipping annoying!
Reached the bay across Maputo at night- the view of the city’s skyline was wicked! Taking a ferry across the bay was an interesting experience- mingling with the locals but sticking out like sore thumbs due to our picture snapping fanatics! Accommodation in Maputo was 5 stars! Three story luxurious house with hot showers and soft beds- was great! Maputo is a vibrant, interesting city- somehow there also seems to be an abundance of exorbitant wealth!


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